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Downtown Pictures

I recently made several trip to downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood. This page is an index to those some pictures from those trips. So far, I have pictures from three trips:

Note: the July pictures are rather large, and will take some time to download on a modem connection. I decided not to reduce the image size by much because I wanted some high-quality pictures of downtown L.A. Also, most of my audience has broadband connection to my web page.

Tour of Los Angeles

When I take people downtown, I have sort of a standard walking tour. There's a map on the July page. We usually start at 6th & Hope, the corner where Biola University got its start. From there, we go north to the Central Library. The library is open on Sunday afternoons, which is usually when I lead these downtown tours.

Library Area - July 2001
Library Area - April 2001

6th & Hope
A Touching Moment in the granite reflection
More Reflections in the polished granite

From the library area, we go to the Bonaventure Hotel. It's about 30 stories high, so it's not as tall as some of the other buildings, but it has glass elevators that run on the outside of the building, so you can see a good view of the city as you go up. They also have a revolving bar at the top, and if you go when the bar's not too busy, you can walk around and look out.

Bonaventure - July 2001
Some Views from the Bonaventure - April 2001

From the blue elevators in the Bonaventure, get off at floor 5, and walk up the steps to the 6th floor. There's a bridge that connects to the downtown YMCA. They have some interesting art there. From there, you can see the Wells Fargo Center.  That's where you can see the buildings that look like they're only 2 inches thick, from the right angle.

Wells Fargo Center - July 2001
See bottom of Downtown- April 2001

The Water Court is just across the street from the California Plaza.  That's also where the top of Angel's Flight is. We usually walk down Angel's Flight to the Grand Central Market, then back to the subway station.

A picture of the Water Court on People Page 2 - July 2001
Angels Flight - April 2001

At this point in the tour, we usually get back on the subway, at the Pershing Square station. Sometimes we go through the Biltmore Hotel which is right there across the street.

The L.A. Subway - July 2001
The L.A. Subway - April 2001

Sometimes we take the subway up to Olvera Street or to Philippe French Dipped Sandwitches (See You can get to both of these places from the Union Station subway stop.

A picture of Philippes on the Downtown with Gilberts page.
More subway pictures and Union Station from a 1998 Subway Trip.

Another of my favorite destinations from the subway is to go downtown Hollywood, where you can see the Mann Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame. The subway stations along Hollywood Boulevard are fairly recent -- opened in 2000, I think.

Hollywood -- April 2001
Some pictures of Mann's Chinese Theater on Subway page -- July 2001

At this point in the tour, everyone is usually ready to go home, so we usually just ride the train back to the car and drive home. It would be fun to go down there sometime just to watch a movie. I've seen some Disney films at the El Capitan Theater. I also saw "The Fugitive" at the Chinese Theater.

Here's a comprehensive list of my web pages with pictures of downtown L.A., Hollywood, and the subway:

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June 2001 - Downtown with the Gilberts and Peters

April 2001 - Downtown with Andrew Moss & Adam Wolven

December 1998 - Downtown with Phil Stevens, Amy Fisher

1998 - Downtown with some high-school students

Jon Clede told me about a website called They list the world's tallest skyscrapers, and have diagrams showing their relative height. Here are the tallest six in downtown L.A.

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