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Messages May 5 - May 9

Mon May 5 20:15:02 2003
From: Superior Lad


Now you are just becoming retarded. You've decided to call me me
Saddam, just because I refuse to reveal my superior identity (Thanks
Mac) and terrorists happen to do the same thing. Well, my friend,
its time you learned something: It's not smart to be a hypocrite.
Yes, Dante, I know the man behind the mask, the one who pretends to
be Dante when in all reality he is something else entirely. I got
this straight up from one of my "sources."

Dante, quit typing like a retarded stick of butter hit the keyboard.
Maybe you'll make more sense.

Mon May 5 22:41:34 2003
From: Yo mama

To superior lad.

Ya aint nuttin but a pile of
**** against Ray. He rules and you suck.
If you challenge him you could start to cry already. Get ready for
DOOM! Ray, you da bomb bro.

Wed May 7 10:24:41 2003
From: anonymous
(but I know it was Dante)

**** big
**** big *******
**** big ******* ****
**** big ******* **** you
**** big ******* **** you *******
**** big ******* **** you ******* pervert!!!!

have a nice day=)

Wed May 7 10:27:01 2003
From: Dante

superior lad is a jackass and a terrorist till this quest is given up.
(superior lad, go down 75 spaces)








(I shortened it here)


Wed May 7 10:29:16 2003
From: dante

I'm sorry I ever said anything bad about you. You are the coolest person I know. Bye!=)

Why thank-you... I think.

Thu May 8 20:36:08 2003
From: Superior Lad

Ok, Killergold, also known as Jesse Till, I have decided I have put
up with enough of your nonsense. Meet me at the flagpole after
school, if you are man enough. Of course, I kid, and I jest, and if
you bother going you'll be stood up. At any rate, I'm tired of your
whiny moaning and b
****ing. So ***** off, will you?

Thu May 8 20:40:22 2003
From: Superior Lad

This is my last message on Matthew Weathers website. From now on I go on Raymond's message board. It's been really fun, Matthew, but I've decided not to force you to put up any more retarded online messages. As you breath a sigh of relief, however, I am going to ask that you link to Raymond's site, if he hasn't already asked that before. People may be too retarded to figure out when things have moved, and may continue coming here, putting stress on your bandwidth and whatnot. So go ahead, make Raymond's day. You can get his URL by email.

I am breathing a sigh of relief, and I have put a link on the main page to redirect people. Here it is again:


So everyone: go there and post, since I won't be updating this page anymore.

Take it easy,

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