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Messages April 28-May 4

Mon May 5 10:17:52 2003
From: Unanomus

Update your site

Mon May 5 10:17:53 2003
From: Unanomus

Update your site

Mon May 5 10:17:57 2003
From: Unanomus

Update your site

Okay, okay, okay. This is so not worth it. I don't know why I bother
Oh well, it's kinda fun I guess.

By the way, it's "anonymous", and it was spelled for you right on the form where you typed the message in. (See the very bottom of this page to see what I mean)

Tue Apr 29 10:23:16 2003
From: Dante

i have my virus with me as of this moment, 10:15 A.M., tuesday, april
29 2003. and i completed it yesterday.
and superior jackass, you spelled something wrong, you

OH, by the way, i have a gift to give you. if you want it, give up
this foolish quest, you Sigon
***** Brady bunch gaylord ****

(This is my site, so I'm going to keep blanking out words I don't like.)  Get your own site, and you can say what you like.

Tue Apr 29 10:29:22 2003
From: Mac Weatherby

Hey Dante, Shut *** up. Im tired of you all insulting Superior
Lad. You wanna know something? I am going to join Superior Lad's side
because he truly is superior. KillerGold you shut *** up too.

Tue Apr 29 10:29:35 2003
From: Sammie NioCloud

Death can't be controlled by you infidels for you see I cannot be
controlled for I AM DEATH!!
It is nearly imposible to control which that you can not explain. So
you see it is pointless to even think of controling death so stop
saying that you do.


Tue Apr 29 10:29:46 2003
From: Dante

i have 29 other people saying that you have stolen some ***(stuff)****. and all of those 29 people are women! you sick ***, when we win this you ****, you will be crying for yo mama! and only terrorist hide like you.

Wed Apr 30 13:08:59 2003
From: Dante

see if can de-code this superior jackass and or greenbottom, if you
can't, you a *** (post this matthew)

q w e e t y u i o p a u d f g h j a l z x c r i 
b n e q w e a y u i o d a s d f g u h j k l z t 
x m c v b q w b e r t a y u i o s p a s d f g h s

Matthew knows what it is, are you as dumb?
here is a hint,

"what do you see, when you looke in the mirror in a person's point of
view who thinks you must die!!!"

I know enough about cryptography to know that there's no code in that message.  It's obvious you just sort of typed across the keyboard (QWERTY is just the first letters across the top)

Wed Apr 30 13:38:55 2003
From: Dante

Superior lad,

i spoke with zombie greenbottom. but, don't say anything about this to him, he will denye it all. he said that you only put this quest up for a thrill!? i do these for fun as much as the next man. so, i have a deal for you. i will give you 100% access to a military base (even weapons). and they just got an Apach in just yesterday. and i have my eye on it. if i get a loan, i'll be flying an apache over by this school, unarmed of course, can't fall into the wrong hands.
one more thing, (go down 20 spaces)


Thu May 1 18:05:25 2003
From: Superior Lad's Secret Identity-Revealed!

Ok, things are getting really, really, retarded here. Here I am,
having an online arguement with two matrix fans, while they spout out
nonsense on viruses and weird crap that doesn't make sense. And then
for the first time in my life, I have found myself claiming to have
the aid of a zombie, which happens to be named Mr. Greenbottom. I
have NEVER done that before. Just like I never had a conversation
about go-gurt until today, but thats another story. The point is,
Raymond's butt buddies over here want to physically attack me just
because I'm so much better than they are, and I like to make fun of
Raymond. Well, so what? Raymond enjoys a good joke, I'm sure he
derives much pleasure from having someone working against him. As a
matter of fact, he's in on this, and we've all been fooling you the
whole time, almost from the start. And finally, I'm going to reveal
my identity, and here goes the moment you've all been waiting for.
My real name is--JUST KIDDING. HAHAHAHA suckers, I made you read all
that for nothing!

I was Superior, I am Superior, and I will always be Superior!
Superior Lad

Fri May 2 9:56:06 2003
From: Dante

Superior lad is DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fri May 2 10:00:52 2003
From: Killergold65

Hey Matthew, So lad you know the first and last letter of my name.
WHO CARES. we do know who you are though. O and that zombie is easly
killed. if i shoot it in the head it will die. Because remember
zombies die when they get shot in the head.


Mon May 5 10:22:19 2003
From: Dante

To superior jackass,

from now on, i shall call you saddam. why? saddam suppoets terrorism.
and, to all Americans, he is a terrorist himself.
so, you are a terrorist to me now. until you give up this foolish
quest, you will be called "saddam.

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