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Messages April 28

Mon Apr 28 8:44:03 2003
From: Dante

superior jackass,
MY VIRUS SHANT BE GIVEN TO YOU! i see i'm not your agent no more.
you7 almost made me cry. in for your intrest, i have the ingredients
for a newer and more deadly virus, fun huh? and it feels good one of
yours have fallen. plus, i got inside info you started a group. i
spoke to a member, she says you went by 2 names, U.B.C.S. and,
and to Mr. greenbottom, most would say they won't understand what you
said. i do. you just gave away the jackass's name. and just as a
note, injecting the virus into the brain directly won't do diddly
squat! and who the
**** says "curse you"? the american meaning for it
is, "a pox on thee"
by the way, i have some government data given to me by the washington
state gov., you have a nice list of crimes here, now give yo-self up,
i have ALL authority to add anything o can possibly desire.
plus, i challenge you to a contest, it shall he held by Bob, in this,
contestants (me and you) will battle in ANY vehicle of their
choosings in a chance to win, a mysterious prize, some say this prize

- $1,000,000
- anthing you can possibly desire

if you accept this deathafying challenge, i have already chosen my
vehicle, it is an apache helicoptor, with all it's weapons still in
it, i bought it from the u.s. military yesterday(4-27-03) for
$100,000.00 (100 grand).
oh, by the way, have you EVER, had an intrest for bio-organic weapons
(B.O.W.), i have a batch under way, they were created from, "the
animal who is smart, but dumb (not human)"

Mon Apr 28 8:51:12 2003
From: Dante

to matthew,

i have created a computer program that works like a virtral reality
program, just like the matrix. but in order to go on, i need helmets
that cost a LOT! this program has already took thousands of dollars
off my hands (close to $6,724.82 if i remember correctly)
and i can't go on.

Mon Apr 28 10:02:41 2003
From: KillerGold

Hey Matthew, so this superior lad has no longer the need of dante
dose he? well then, we have dante and have questiond him and he said
that this dumb a** superior lad is dumber than a deer looking in
headlights. this is for superior lad. we shall find you. it may not
be today or in the near futor but we shall find you. you can't hide
forever. one day you will slip up and give us the clue that finds
you. hey we might have allready found you.look behind you. is one of
our agents there? you don't know do you? thats because we are
everywhare. "matrix Reloaded" . HAHAHAHAHAHA scares you dosent
it? you never know when we will strike. for now superior lad sllep

Mon Apr 28 19:47:08 2003
From: Superior Lad

Hey, Dante, and Killergold, I happen to know both of your identity's,
in case you were wondering. I know Dante sometimes wears women's
lingerie, and Killergold is actually a person whose name starts with
J. And ends in E. Anyhoo, seeing as how I'm the only one with all
the information about me, and much of the information about you, I
can discreetly bump off all of you with my new friend, Zombie
Greenbottom. He's a lot like the regular Greenbottom, but he's
superintelligent from the virus and now commands the unholy power of
death itself. Spoooooky. To be frank, I don't think any of you,
without the support of Raymond, can stand against me and the Zombie

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