War with Superior Lad

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A New War: Raymond vs Superior Lad

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Once Raymond had won the contest with me, a new contender appeared on the scene.  A mystery guest, by the name of Superior Lad.

Here's his first entries:

Tue Apr 1 21:10:50 2003
From: Superior Lad

I'm superior to everyone. Whine about it.

Tue Apr 1 21:16:33 2003
From: Superior Lad

And another thing, I'm going to start lobbying for a "Raymond is still dumb but his friends are all geniuses" page. Actually, only one of his friends is a genius. See if you can use your miniscule reasoning powers to guess.

To which I wrote: "Umm... Superior Lad, I guess."

Superior Lad's Declaration of War:

Tue Apr 8 18:23:55 2003
From: Superior Lad

Perhaps you would be interested in this bit of information I possess:
Raymond's Deep Dark Secret That Spells His Doom. Its so secret even
I couldn't tell myself until a few weeks ago. DO YOU HEAR ME
I'LL SEND THE HOUNDS AFTER YOU! By the way, that was a nice guess,

And he claims to have agents.

Tue Apr 8 18:25:13 2003
From: Superior Lad

By the way, don't post this, but my Email is
******@hotmail.com in case you need to tell me something. Even Superior Lad has his agents, Dante chief among them. (You can post the part about Dante)

I won't compromise your anonymity.  I'll remain impartial in this war.

Tue Apr 8 18:33:26 2003
From: Superior Lad

Hey Raymond, you may be strong (smelling) and unable to spell, but I'm incredibly smart and capable of brilliant tactical force strikes. So there, meanie! Superior Lad says that the polls were rigged, and he was misrepresented because he never got to vote. So, following the lead of Al Gore, Superior Lad demands a recount!

Tue Apr 8 19:27:03 2003
From: Superior Lad Update

The coolest anagram ever comes from Superior Lad
"O I slurp, dear"

And Raymond's response:

Tue Apr 8 9:55:26 2003
From: Raymond

Matthew, i still must find out who superior lad is. tell him if he
thinks hes better than me, we will have a contest. thats right, im
chalanging him to some kind of a duel! and if he is in my general
area, i chalange him to a pul up contest! ( i have never lost!) so
please direct this message on your site to superior lad...

So... If you are man (or woman) enough, identify yourself NOW!!!
to me, superior lad is just a chicken who is too afraid to show
himself. and also if you think you have efected me in any way, your
wright. i have found a chicken who i have to defete as my mission as
a N.R.K. this will be the only mesage i send to you, superior lad, so
show yourself and stop fearing The Great Raymond.

Love you new enimy,
Raymond Carl Schmidt II (a.k.a. Raymond)

Thank you matthew, for directing this to superior lad

No problem.

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