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March 10, 2003

Some more of the recent messages.

Wed Feb 26 8:35:54 2003
From: Ray's friend

Dear Matthew,

I'm am incredibly sorry about how Ray treated you. Raymond however is a
very bright young guy. Just because he can't spell because right,
doesn't mean that he is dumb. I know what he did was wrong and that he
shouldn't have done what he did. I'm very sorry if he hurt your
feelings. By the way Ray didn't write all of those e-mails, only a
few. Oh yeah, and Kids in Washington can spell. Again sorry for the

Sincerely Ray's friend,

 Kate: thanks for the message.  I appreciate it. And based on your well-written, correctly-spelled message, I take bad my comment about Washington kids not being able to spell.  Some can.  At least the girls can.

Oh, and I do appreciate your concern for my feelings. But I wouldn't post a web page if I couldn't take the heat.  I don't mind the little bit of playful fun with your friends.

Mon Mar 3 8:56:18 2003
From: ski

i can't beleive you put all your personal infomation on your site.
like your address for example. how often to you get junk mail? just
wondering, i'll check up on you later.

Mass marketers don't get your address from web sites. There just aren't that many who have their home address published on a web page like that, so it's not worth their while. Anyhow, junk mail is usually mailed in bulk to every residence in a certain area.

If you're talking about junk email, see my web page on Avoiding Spam Email.

Mon Mar 3 9:55:36 2003,
From: Raymond

me and ski where looking at your site and we realized that you kept
your resume and tons of other stuff sane people wouldnt normaly put
on a personalized web site adout pictures of there family. only Dumb
people do that. if you didnt already have a job, it would be a little
normal, but in your ecxact words you have it on your site to tell
people what the are missing out on. it sounds to me like your
bragging about the only 2 things you have that makes you "better than
us" as you would put things. 1: you brag tons about your education.
thats fine but it gets old fast. you also brag about your vacations
and how you go on tons andtons of them. those are the only 2 things
you have that make you differant from everybody elts and they are not
that special.

now it Raymonds turn to brag. im only 15. i recently got my own
record deal. my band is called sof blankit, i play on the school
Raidio and on a well known muic producers station which is syndicated
through out the u.s. perhaps you have heard of Dr demento. i never
took singing, guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, or any lessons for all
the other instruments i taught mysel to play. i also have
presidential strength. that meens i an with the top 15% of people in
the u.s. i hold 4 records at my school. the one im most proud of is
my chin up record. 27 chin ups. tats top 5% in the country! theres
more but i have to go

your pal Raymond

p.s. your dumb

I answered this message in my March 4 email.

Mon Mar 3 10:08:59 2003
From: KillerGold

ur dumb ur dumb ur dumb ur dumb ur dumb ur dumb ur dumb ur dumb ur
dumb. oh did i say that ur dumb. we no longer live in washington. we
now live in las vagas. ha ha. ur dumb ur dumb ur dumb ur dumb. Ben
says ur dumb.

Okay...??? Las Vegas??  I'll admit that almost anywhere is a better place to live than the Tacoma area, but why choose Las Vegas as the place?

Mon Mar 3 11:19:08 2003
From: Drew, friend of Raymond
NO, Actually, your DUMB! You say you don't care, but you make a huge
page about it. Ya, your pretty dumb, no buts about it.
He he, now listen, i didnt say Drew wasnt dumb, Drew's the smart/dumb
dude, got it? PS. UR DUMB!!! -Drew

Wed Mar 5 7:39:40 2003
From: strife
well, this game is even more fun than i've ever seen it before. why
don't you update your raymond is dumb page? it'll make things more
fun in the game. plus, it's been almost 1/2 a month since we had a
responce from you? or is the in-box to full for you to handle?
anyway, as a request to you from me, update the site from the other e-
mails you got from us? i'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it a

Okay, I've updated the page.  I wonder if anyone got the email I sent before?  Maybe not.  Oh well, I posted it online, too.

Wed Mar 5 7:48:59 2003
From: Raymond

i think i have figured out your stratigy of the game. you try to get
us board by not doing anything. its not working. if we run out of
stuff to say, we will just call you dumb over and over and over and
over and over again. i have some meen freinds and im shure they have
called you worse things than i ever will. i am already sorry becouse
i dont feel like telling you im sorry when my friends be meen to
you.i cant do anything about it. POOP!! that was an outburs becouse

your pal Raymond

Classic Raymond.

Then I have a whole series of messages from Drew, writing as different women:

Wed Mar 5 9:35:03 2003
From: Gertrude

Hey, your christmas list said ur lookin fer a gurl. Im hot, and lookin fer a smart nerdy pal like urself to be my man!
-Your future wife, Gertrude

Wed Mar 5 9:37:11 2003
From: Big Bertha

Hey i may be big but im ripe! gimme a call little man!
-Big Bertha

Wed Mar 5 9:39:39 2003
From: Cross-eyed Cathy

Im man huntin, and ur an ideal dude, but remember, im always lookin at you when it seems like im not. I figure u might be the first man iv been with that will understand why i have a penis. I WAS JUST BORN THAT WAY!!!

Wed Mar 5 9:42:02 2003
From: One-eyed Edna

Hey big boy, im lookin fer a guy like you, call me!!! Im sure youl think my eye patch is dreadfully sexy! -ur bed mate, One-eyed Edna!

Wed Mar 5 9:44:16 2003
From: Tina-tiny-tits

I know boobs arent that important to you, u just want a babe with brains!- sincerely Tina Tiny Tits

Wed Mar 5 9:45:35 2003
From: Drew

Dont worry, u can thank me later. I did some lookin round and rounded up a couple of chicks i thought youd like. Im sure they'll work out for u! Your welcome! -Drew

Interesting.  I wonder why Drew likes to impersonate different women.  Maybe he's secretly gay.  I wonder if his friends know?  Probably not yet.  Drew: Seriously dude, if you're going to hide the fact that you're gay, you're going to have to be a little more discrete than this.

Fri Mar 7 19:12:41 2003
From: Anonymous


(253) 265

Call me a
**hole, I dare you.

Love Ratmond

Call you a what?  No, I don't call people bad names.  (I also won't publish your phone number online, in case that really is your real number).

Also: Phil, Dante, Ski, and Danny, you need to teach Raymond how to spell his own name.  He types it wrong about 10% of the time.  And, unfortunately for him, the T key is right next to the Y key, so it comes out as Ratmond.  Very unfortunate.  Oh well.  I'm not going to fix your spelling errors for this web page.

Mon Mar 10 10:27:51 2003
From: Danny

Do you understand that I Have the power to delete your web page
permenently? I can and I have the will to do so.

And do you understand I have the power to block your school's IP address from my whole web site, so you guys could never see my site from school again.  I almost did.  But then I thought, "What's the harm?  They're having fun."  I suppose even if I blocked your school, everyone could see the page from home.  But what's the fun of doing that?  You'd rather play this game while you're all sitting there in class.

Which brings up the interesting topic of the sociology of this game.  You realize, don't you, that I can set the tone for this whole debate, since I'm the one writing the web pages?  I have complete editorial control over which of your messages I post, and whether I write back or not?  Actually, it's kind of like the producers of that Big Brother show.  They can make anyone look good or bad with creative editing.  Anyhow, I've chosen to be fair and post most of your entertaining emails, and leave out the pointless, tasteless ones with excessive profanity.  But still,  you've given me the power to set the precedents of the game, even naming it the "Raymond is Dumb" game.

But until one of you starts posting your own web pages, it's a little bit of a one-sided game.

Mon Mar 10 10:29:33 2003
From: Dante Hanahanahanamana

bet right now you are wondering how i got this last name? if you want
to know, up date rayond's damn site! if you want to know anything
else, e-mail us at youradumbass@wereagainstdumbass.com and my
personal e-mail address is, "EvilZombiebastards@yahoo.com". thats if,
you have any questions.

Very funny.  Quite Random.  That's what I like about Dante.

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