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My First Email - March 4, 2003


Finally an email address I can write back to!  I didn't feel like writing another web page to answer back all the recent message from you guys.

> Tue Mar  4 10:30:55 2003,
> From: Webmaster@warriornation.zzn.com
> I am Jeff, "the spam guy". Ray told me to write this. Ray wants you
> to e-mail us at this address. If you would this would make our lives
> complete.
> Thank you
> P.S. Your dumb

I hope your lives are now complete.

Dante wrote:
> why didn't you accept the charges on the collect call?

Because I wasn't home.  And generally, I don't accept collect calls anyway.  You'll have to call me at school, since I'm gone all day:  http://www-scf.usc.edu/~mweather/

Raymond wrote:
> me and ski where looking at your site and we realized that you kept
> your resume and tons of other stuff sane people wouldnt normaly put
> on a personalized web site adout pictures of there family.

And ski wrote:
> i can't beleive you put all your personal infomation on your site.
> like your address for example. how often to you get junk mail? just
> wondering, i'll check up on you later.

Yes, well, I don't think there's any problem with putting all that
stuff online: anyone can go to yellowpages.com and find my address and
phone number anyway.  I've never really understood why people think
it's "dangerous" to put info online... it's availabe anyway.

Raymond wrote:
> it sounds to me like your bragging about the only 2 things you have
> that makes you "better than us" as you would put things. 1: you brag
> tons about your education.  thats fine but it gets old fast. you
> also brag about your vacations and how you go on tons andtons of
> them. those are the only 2 things you have that make you differant
> from everybody elts and they are not that special.

It is a personal web page, after all.  So I can put whatever I want
there.  And I suppose you're right, it is bragging a bit.  But that
resume page is an old one... I just have never bothered to take it
down.  I usually don't take down old pages, just keep them there for

I guess there are different ends of the scale: on one hand, most
people don't put anything about themselves online.  On the other hand,
some people have webcams where you can see what they're doing 24 hours
a day.  I think my web site is somewhere in the middle.

> now it Raymonds turn to brag. im only 15. i recently got my own
> record deal. my band is called sof blankit, i play on the school
> Raidio and on a well known muic producers station which is
> syndicated through out the u.s. perhaps you have heard of Dr
> demento. i never took singing, guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, or any
> lessons for all the other instruments i taught mysel to play. i also
> have presidential strength. that meens i an with the top 15% of
> people in the u.s. i hold 4 records at my school. the one im most
> proud of is my chin up record. 27 chin ups. tats top 5% in the
> country! theres more but i have to go

Okay, okay.  So you're talented and athletic.  I get the point.  The
real question is are you hard-working and diligent at what you do?
That's what will determine if you'll go far in life.

Phil wrote:
> i saw both of your brothers web sites. its mean to make fun of
> homeless people. are you one of the many monsters to think low of
> homeless people!?


> salvadors family split after 20 years. and me, and 2 others were on
> the homelss side of the line. we got jobs after 6 weeks, makeing
> $4,700 a year. now we joined raymond. our names are Phil, Dante, and
> Ski. and we shall win this sick twisted "game" of yours.

Wait... Raymond is 15.  What about Phil, Dante and Ski?  You were all
homeless for 6 weeks?  At age 15?!!?  And who is Salvador?

Raymond writes:
> I think your hot. Do your mom

Leave my family out of this. (That's pretty tasteless anyway).

So... do any of you have a web site??


PS -- Oh... I almost forgot: You're Dumb.  All of you.

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