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September 20, 2003: Raymond sent me a new location for his web site:

New Site: http://www.RaymondsWinkle.tk

May 9, 2003: The End

Finally, The End!

This is the last update of this section of my web pages. The discussion has moved to Raymond's new site at:

New Site: http://www.angelfire.com/hero/frogman/

Which is good, because now I can stop updating this web site, and they can write whatever they want there.  I was getting tired of censoring all their comments.  To read some final comments, see War, Page 5

So in the end, this was a fun little battle, and taught me some about sociology, and apparently, Raymond has learned something about making web pages on his own, so now he and his friends can run this from now on.

PS -- I will keep the link to here from my main page for a little while, but then I will take it away, and just leave a click-able area on my home page, so people who know can click there.  Then, eventually, I'll just have this listed with the rest of my "Fun Stuff" pages.


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April 8, 2003: There's a new war brewing. This time Raymond vs Superior Lad

April 24, 2003: Second part, Raymond vs Superior Lad Part 2

April 28, 2003: Page 3

Cinco De Mayo (May 5), 2003: Page 4



Superior Lad?

"This is what we think Superior lad looks like" -- Raymond

Previous Contest: Matthew vs Raymond

Links: [Page 1] [Page 2] [Page 3] [Page 4] [Page 5] [Page 6]

April 4: After winning, Raymond and his friends wrote several more entries in my comment log.  See them on my Triumphal Entries Page.


Well, the Game is over, and it looks like Raymond won.  But just barely.  I eliminated the duplicate votes (votes from the same computer, or same IP address).  Counting this way, the score was:

Matthew is Dumb: 20
Raymond is Dumb: 13

The raw score was:

Matthew is Dumb: 119
Raymond is Dumb: 127

But that's because one person voted 93 times for "Matthew is dumb", and someone else voted 101 times for "Raymond is dumb).  If we count these two people as just voting once each, then the score would be:

Matthew is Dumb: 27
Raymond is Dumb: 27

If you want to see the results by IP address:

Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 93 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 7 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 1 votes
Matthew is Dumb: = 2 votes

Raymond is Dumb: = 1 votes
Raymond is Dumb: = 8 votes
Raymond is Dumb: = 1 votes
Raymond is Dumb: = 4 votes
Raymond is Dumb: = 101 votes
Raymond is Dumb: = 1 votes
Raymond is Dumb: = 1 votes
Raymond is Dumb: = 1 votes
Raymond is Dumb: = 3 votes
Raymond is Dumb: = 1 votes
Raymond is Dumb: = 3 votes
Raymond is Dumb: = 1 votes
Raymond is Dumb: = 1 votes

So, actually I'm not sure exactly the best way to count it. If you want to see the raw log file, with the time and date and IP address for every single vote, here it is, so you can "count the hanging chads" yourself: Raw Voting Results.

In any case, it was close.  The person who voted against me 93 times did it by hand, by clicking a bunch of times.  And the person who did this was on the Peninsula High School network.  The person who voted against Raymond tried to get away with voting 101 times in a row by setting up some kind of script that would vote automatically once an hour.  They ran their script on uruz.pair.com, which is interesting, because that's the same web hosting company that I use, and that this web site is hosted on.

Still, in the most fair way of counting, I think Raymond won the contest, so I concede.

Raymond's Prize

I offer as a prize for Raymond, this web site: New York Times Declares Raymond King

This is especially appropriate, since Tuesday is April Fools' Day.  Hint: click on the link above, then type in http://www.nytimes.com/ in the address bar, but don't click Go, or press Enter.  Then, show the web site to everyone, and they'll see the real address and think that's what's posted there.

I also offer two more web sites that would be fun (but maybe a little cruel) for April Fools:

CNN Headlines

L.A. Times Headlines

Finally, as part of the prize, I have changed the name of this web site to: Raymond is Not Dumb


Cast your vote for one of the contestants. Polls close Monday night, March 31, at 11:59pm Pacific Time. (Extended from original deadline).

If you have additional comments for the game, scroll to the bottom of the page and leave them there.  If you'd like to email me personally at RID@matthewweathers.com


Poll Numbers as of Thursday morning, March 27:
   Raymond is Dumb: 9
   Matthew is Dumb: 101

However, at least 39 of those votes were within a few seconds of each other, so it's probably the same person voting a bunch of times.  And 4 of the 5 votes for "Raymond is Dumb" were near the same time, too, so I suspect several of those were accidental, when someone was voting multiple times.

Voting Deadline extended to end of March, to give Raymond more time to make a web site.

Latest Comments: March 17

Also: if anyone wants to send me a picture, just email it to me, and I'll post it.


I have a new pal Raymond.  He was bored one day, searching for pictures of Weird Al, and happened upon a section of my web page (Scrapbook Page 1 from 1998).  Anyhow, he found my Christmas Wish list, and wrote me the following note:

From: Raymond
Message: This is the DUMBEST thing ive ever seen. Your DUMB! you have to ask santa for a girlfriend becouse your UGLY! and when people make fun of you like i'm doing you hide behind that wierd al autograph. Becouse your dumb. lets play a game its called lets be dumb, you win. knock knock, who's dumb you are.

Love your pal Raymond.

And so it began.  Every few days, Raymond and his friends from Peninsula High School in Gig Harbor, Washington, write me little messages, the chief message of which is "Hey, you're dumb". Here's some history:

Here are some of the latest messages, and my responses.

I've also put together a little profile of some of the participants.


The inventor and founder of the "Raymond is Dumb" game.  However, he is apparently fairly talented, athletic, and funny.  In fact his friend Kate says Raymond "is a very bright young guy." By the way: I think you and Kate would make a good couple.

His email address: frogman7@surfy.net (I also have the MSN address, but I'm not going to post it, since I think it's a real address)

My favorite quote: "I saw the pictur of the burning car and it made me mad" (Referring to This Page)

Jesse T (KillerGold)

Raymond's best friend (he says)

My favorite quote: "O, and people in washinton do know how to spell, we just pefer to make it look cool."


Friend of Raymond's.  Nice girl.

My favorite quote: "Just because he can't spell because right, doesn't mean that he is dumb"


Another friend.  Email address: Webmaster@warriornation.zzn.com

My favorite quote: "Cows of horror will come to get you"

Dante Hanahanahanamana

I think Dante is my favorite of Raymond's friends.  His emails are the most creative and funniest.  Is that his real last name?  If so, that's awesome.  His address: EvilZombiebastards@yahoo.com (Now disabled, but still, I list it here because it's a funny address).

Anyway, I had a hard time choosing a favorite quote, since I liked a lot of what he wrote.  But here's one:


"I'm A Genious!"

My Favorite Quote: "bet right now you are wondering how i got this last name? if you want to know, up date rayond's d**n site!"

New Favorite Quote: YO under my picture, could you put, "I'm A Genious!"
(If you don't get why this is so funny to me, then you can't spell, either)

Oh, and that picture is exactly how he sent it to me... I didn't edit it at all.


My Favorite Quote: "it seems like you are insulting ALL people named raymond. well, my father is named raymond, and he works for the feds"


My Favorite Quote: "i saw the way you went to washington. and you went passed my house, it was the one that almost looked like a hotel. you should have visited hooters that day, i was working there"


My Favorite Quote: "one more thing umm your colledge you went to  sounds like a disease"


Wrote a bunch of messages impersonating women (See my March 10 notes).  See the page for my theory on why. Update March 27: I take it back.  I have a truce with Drew.

My Favorite Quote: "Dont worry, u can thank me later. I did some lookin round and rounded  up a couple of chicks i thought youd like"

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