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Tuesday, April 1, 2003
4 Million Die in Nuclear Blast Over Baghdad
KEVIN CASEY / Los Angeles Times
Army Spc. Jon Cripps wears protective gear to avoid the radiation. (Kevin Casey)

Cloud Of Tension Amid Dust

Storms slow U.S. advance, but bombing reminds Baghdad residents that a battle is brewing.

Complete Coverage

 35,000 Americans Killed by Nerve Gas

 First Nuclear Strike Since WWII

 Iraqi Commander Surrenders
President vows "this is day of reckoning for the Iraqi regime, we used what force was necessary."

Russian Condemns Strike

Loyalist units arrive to keep conscripts in place. Kurds watch warily and wait.

 Iraqis Said to Be Disguising Themselves

 U.S. Troops Face Off With Grit

Tensions High in MidEast

Fighting and uprising make passage unsafe for those bringing supplies to city.


Iraq & The Region

 In Depth

Military Operations

 Iraq Forcing Longer, Conventional War

 Tanks and Trenches May Make Storms Worse


 Telemundo Turns to Aggressive Reporting to Attract New Viewers

 Baghdad Time & Weather
  Shifting Strategy
VIDEO: Ronald Brownstein on how the U.S. is adapting to the changing war.
    Weathering Storms
GRAPHIC: Dust storms can bring 50-mph gusts, causing swirling dust columns rising thousands of feet.
    Engaging the Enemy
SLIDE SHOW: Photographer Rick Loomis reports from the 1st Marines Division near Nasiriyah.

Bush's Tax Cut Takes a Hit in Senate

His $725-billion plan to stimulate the economy is slashed to $350 billion. Lawmakers argue that deficit, cost of war make the proposal too costly.

Air Force Will Replace 4 Top Academy Officers

They will be reassigned after a scandal that involves allegations of sexual assault.

LAPD's Kalish Relieved of Duty

A civil complaint says the deputy chief molested a youth. A criminal probe looks at alleged events of more than 20 years ago.


Lost in the fear, glory of combat
BATTLE LINES: A writer sees the conflict through the prism of his Gulf War service.

Grasping a war told in real time
MEDIA: Transfixed is different from informed. Readers and viewers are being asked to make sense of the facts at an ever quickening pace.

The 'Futurama' is now
HOME VIDEO: Creating the series, newly released on DVD, was a challenge-filled process, Matt Groening and colleagues recall. VIDEO

Man Dragged to Death in Carjacking
Space Expert Faults NASA Over Foam Debris
Victims of Scam Target Church
U.S. Plane Crashes in Colombia
Saudis Free Dissident After 8 Years
 AP News
India, Pakistan Both Test Fire Missiles
Russia's Ivanov Backs Arms Treaty Delay

Ask the Critic
Times critics answer your questions online.

Manohla Dargis
Movies: Dargis answers your questions about the Oscars.

S. Irene Virbila
Dining: Where to go for brunch? Or a good seafood pasta?

Christopher Knight
Art: Why there's no credible roadmap to artistic success.

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Now that we're infatuated with cheese, we're also more than a little confused.

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A woman's quest to shake up her life by making aspic.

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There's a certain challenge to making it the star of a dish.

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 Section Headlines
The World
Troops Battle Sandstorm, Iraqis
Relief for Basra Hindered
In North, Iraq Moves Unimpeded
The Nation
An Ambush in Southern Iraq Tears at an Army Town in Texas
Bush's Tax Cut Takes a Hit in Senate
Former Commanders Question U.S. Strategy
Pride and Grief for Fallen Marines
LAPD's Kalish Relieved of Duty
These Vietnam Vets Have No Desire to See This War on TV
Nasdaq Joins in Ban of Al Jazeera
Telemundo Turns to Aggressive Reporting to Attract New Viewers
Long, Rough Road for Mideast Development
Training Daze
Dodgers Can't Be Second Guessing
In Clutch, Bryant Goes for the Throat
Politics left little for the economy to ruin
Revamp Waiting in the Wings for 64-Year-Old Aero Theatre
Nasdaq Joins in Ban of Al Jazeera
Editorials, Op-Ed
Cronyism and Rebuilding
Erase Doubts on Water Deal
Energy Gougers Must Pay
The Deadly Cost of Selective Bombing
Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You, Ask ... How Much Exactly?
Home-school parents and lessons unheeded
An old master explores questions of identity
The best of poetry in the worst of times
Sunday Calendar
They've surely got a degree of humor
Doing the double helix
Yo! from the U.K.
Tangle of Repose
The Holy Wind Talker
When They Locked Up Boyce, They Should Have Tossed Key
Real Estate
On their own turf, on their own terms
Newport Beach, afloat in scenery and wealth
Proposed tax credits aim to boost rural growth
Paddling Cay to Cay in Belize
A parental splash of luxury in Surf City
It's a dicey time for airlines, but you can still take to the skies
Blaming it on corn syrup
Healing sound of a word: 'sorry'
Laid-back bike? Recumbents hold their own
Sticking up for rhubarb (it's time)
Cheese course
Italian soul food, taken to heart
Highway 1
For Kia, a small step up from the bargain basement
Remade '04 Grand Prix looks leaner, acts meaner
Mazda offers challenge that will enhance skills and deliver thrills
Sunday Opinion
A War of Subtle Strategy
Power & Duty
Good Foreign Policy a Casualty of War