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Picnic in Hills by Tlapa

Tuesday, January 8, 2002, we drove up to the hills above Tlapa for a picnic. We bought 2 kilos of fresh corn tortillas, and 2 roasted chickens. Mom also brought along some potato salad, carrot sticks and fruit.  We ate, then went for a little walk while the sun set.

Our picnic site

Our picnic site was at 1443m, N 1735'06.4" W 9834'34.1"

A Litte Walk Afterwards

Faith Nam

Above: Matthew, Kristen Weathers

Left: Faith Nam, Mark Weathers

Mark, Andy, Kristen, Joel, Esther, Faith, Matthew

Matthew and Joel (Location: 1447m, N1734'59.2" W9834'21.0)

Esther and Mark

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