Joel's Graduation - Baccalaureate

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Joel's Graduation - Baccalaureate

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Esther, Joel, Mark Weathers

On May 19, 2001, Joel Weathers graduated from Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina. Here are some pictures from that day, and the Baccalaureate the day before.

Lining up for baccalaureate, Friday, May 18.

Friday night, May 18. Dr. Murray's Baccalaureate address.

Mark & Esther Weathers with Doug & Alleen Kracht

Annette Murray, Daughter Julie Murray, President Dr. George Murray

After the Baccalaureate, Dad, Mom, and Joel went to a party at Chris & Heidi Tuggy's house:

Craig Tuggy, Leah Weiss, Esther Weathers, and friend

Chris Tuggy, Heidi, Joel

Rachel Fields, Michelle Strayer, Bill Corbin

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