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I spent the night in Burlington, Vermont. The next morning I got up early and looked around Burlington some. Here's Church Street early on a Saturday morning (July 14, 2007). The night before, it was the place to be - lots of things going on and people hanging out.

Burlington Church Street

Church Street Fountain

Burlington Church Montpelier Church
Churches in Burlington and Montpelier

Burlington House
A house on Shelburne Road in Burlington

North Beach Park
At Battery Park. That's Lake Champlain and the mountains of New York behind me.

North Beach Park
Battery Park, Burlington, Vermont

Lake Champlain
View of Waterfront Park and the marina on Lake Champlain in Burlington

Lake Champlain Squirrel

Vermont River Farm
A farm on a river somewhere in Vermont

Richmond Round Church
The Round Church of Richmond, finished in 1814.

I spent maybe two hours in Montpelier, waiting for the State House to open. I ate lunch at a little
corner deli run by "Granny". That's what it said on her nametag, and that's what everyone called her.

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