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Boston Public Library
Boston Public Library (their web site)

Trinitry Church
Standing in front of Trinity Church (see their site)

Trinity Church Hancock
Trinity Church reflected in the Hancock Tower

Boston Commons
Boston Common, dating back to 1634 (see history at this Wikipedia article)

Subway Station Braintree

For the first three nights, I stayed at the Boston Hostel, which was cheap, and just two blocks from the conference. However, it was kinda crowded, hot at night, and not that comfortable, so I found a Motel 6 near the end of a subway line and spent the next two nights there, commuting to the conference from this Braintree station.

Capitol Building
The Massachusetts State House (see article)

State House

State House

State House

State House

State House
Inside the Senate Chamber

Flag 1781
A flag made in 1781

State House Boston Buildings

I like the architecture in Boston, and in all of New England, really. You'll notice that a lot of the pictures I've posted on these pages are ordinary things that I don't see in California. Like these buildings. And green scenery.

Boston Buildings

Boston Buildings

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