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My Original Response - February 14, 2003

I have a new pal Raymond.  He was bored one day, searching for pictures of Weird Al, and happened upon a section of my web page (Scrapbook Page 1 from 1998).  Anyhow, he found my Christmas Wish list, and wrote me the following note:

From: Raymond
Message: This is the DUMBEST thing ive ever seen. Your DUMB! you have to ask santa for a girlfriend becouse your UGLY! and when people make fun of you like i'm doing you hide behind that wierd al autograph. Becouse your dumb. lets play a game its called lets be dumb, you win. knock knock, who's dumb you are.

Love your pal Raymond.


I guess they don't teach spelling very well to Washington kids.  You'd think that someone who lives near the Microsoft headquarters would be better educated than that.

Anyway, here are some of my other favorites:

From: hotstuff99@hotmail.com
Message: i saw your wishlist and it Said you nead a girlfriend. i was wondering if you are open for a weekend or somthing. i am about 5'6 i'm 26 year old, i have blond hair and a very slender body.if you would e-mail that would be great.

From: Kiro3@aol.com
Message: hey what is up? I want to be your christmas present. Lets get together!!!! E-mail me and we'll chat it up!!!

From: Raymond
Message: your as dumb as Raymonds mom

I don't really get that previous one.  He's insulting his own mother?

From: Raymond
Message: your dumb im here with all my friends and they all think your DUMB. POOP! THAT WAS AN OUTBURST BECOUSE YOUR DUMB.

From: Raymond
Message: STOP! your dumb Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR SO DUMB.

From: Raymond
Message: hi matthew
how is it being dumb and all. i just have to check up on you periodically
if you have any questions you can email me

I wonder how Raymond's mom (or school teacher) would react seeing him use that kind of language?  Hmm... maybe I'll email them and find out.

From: Dante hanahanhaamana
Message: I head about the abuse you took from raymond. i know exactly how you feel. he has been sayinbg the same things to me. plus, i know hwere he is in. but, i'm not telling you where he is. exept for a small fee.

P.S. ratmond says you're dumb

Well... I'd say it's pretty dumb to misspell "Raymond".

Anyhow... so those are some of the amusing things I get from my pal Raymond every once in a while.  I guess in the spirit of things, I will play the game and list the reasons why Raymond is dumb:

Raymond is dumb because:

So that's a little insight into Raymond for you.


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