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My Trip to New York City

After I finished the Spring 2005 semester at USC, I took a trip to NYC.  I found a $216 round-trip flight, flew there on a Sunday, stayed there through Thursday morning, and flew back that night.

This is the Youth Hostel where I stayed for $30/night:
It's located in the Upper West Side, on Amsterdam & 103rd street.

You can take the subways everywhere in New York

World Trade Center site

World Trade Center Path Station

Wall Street. It's a short, small street.

Chrysler Building

Views from on top of the Empire State building

I walked half way across the Brooklyn bridge

Grand Central Terminal

Inside the terminal

I visited Columbia University

Park Avenue

I took the free ferry to Staten Island.  We passed by the Statue of Liberty.

Update, April 2007: Okay, okay, I admit it: all of the picture with me in it are all faked. I Photoshopped myself into these images. So these are "photo illustrations" rather than photos. However, I did go to all of those places, and I did see all of the things pictured above. I just didn't have a camera along. (Yes, even the picture of me in the red shirt on the Brooklyn bridge is faked). Over the years, I've got half a dozen comments from people pointing out that it's obvious that the pictures are faked, so I might as well admit it up front.

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