Interesting Facts: Biggest Cities in the World

  This page contains some interesting facts and figures having to do with cities, countries, and population. The United States Census Bureau maintains a Population Clock which shows the current world population by minute.
Urban Area /
City Name
Country Estimated
(in millions)
 1. TokyoJapan 34.2
 2. Mexico CityMexico 22.8
 3. SeoulSouth Korea 22.3
 4. New YorkUSA 21.9
 5. Sao PauloBrazil 20.2
 6. BombayIndia 19.9
 7. DelhiIndia 19.7
 8. ShanghaiChina 18.2
 9. Los AngelesUSA 18.0
 10. OsakaJapan 16.8
 11. JakartaIndonesia 16.5
 12. CalcuttaIndia 15.7
 13. CairoEgypt 15.6
 14. ManilaPhilippines 15.0
 15. KarachiPakistan 14.3
 16. MoscowRussia 13.8
 17. Buenos AiresArgentina 13.5
 18. DhakaBangladesh 13.3
 19. Rio de JaneiroBrazil 12.2
 20. Beijing China 12.1
 21. LondonEngland 12.0
 22. TehranIran 11.9
 23. IstanbulTurkey 11.5
 24. LagosNigeria 11.1
 25. Shenzhen China 10.7
 26. ParisFrance 10.0
 27. ChicagoUSA 9.8

I like big cities. I also like interesting facts, geography, and statistics. Occasionally, I wondered what the biggest cities in the world are. I found the following statistics online, from Thomas Brinkhoff, Principal Agglomerations and Cities of the World. Web: , Jan 28, 2006.

The list above is sort of vague by nature, since it includes in the population the "surrounding urban agglomeration", which is hard to define.  But even if it's vague, it gives you some idea of the size of these cities. Here's another list:

And yet another, published by World Atlas: (By the way, they have some other interesting facts online, here)

Finally, this list ranks the cities based on population within the city limits:



Largest Countries (Land Area)

1Russia 6.6 million mi2 (17 million km2)
2Canada3.9 million mi2 (9.9 million km2)
3United States3.7 million mi2 (9.6 million km2)
4China3.7 million mi2 (9.6 million km2)
5Brazil3.3 million mi2 (8.5 million km2)
6Australia3 million mi2 (7.6 million km2)
7India1.2 million mi2 (3 million km2)
8Argentina1.1 million mi2 (2.7 million km2)
9Kazakhstan1,050,000 mi2 (2.7 million km2)
10Sudan966,000 mi2 (2.4 million km2)
  This list is unlikely to change any time soon.

You can find these random facts, statistics, and interesting figures in online almanacs, such as Fact Monster or Infoplease.


Largest Countries (Population)

1China 1,306,000,000
2India 1,080,000,000
3United States 299,000,000
4Indonesia 242,000,000
5Brazil 186,000,000
7Pakistan 162,000,000
8Bangladesh 144,000,000
6Russia 143,000,000
9Nigeria 129,000,000
10Japan 127,000,000
11Mexico 106,000,000
13Philippines 88,000,000
14Vietnam 84,000,000
12Germany 82,000,000
15Egypt 78,000,000

These figures are estimates only, but I think the order is correct.


This list from

There's another list at:

Largest City by Land Area - Chongqing

See the Wikipedia list at:

Mount Isa used to claim it was the biggest:
Located 1829 km from Brisbane, 883 km from Townsville and 356 m above sea-level, Mount Isa proudly claims to be the largest city in the world; a fact born out by its accreditation in the Guinness Book of Records. The argument is that the city extends for 40 977 sq. km, and that the road from Mount Isa to Camooweal, a distance of 189 km, is the longest city road in the world.

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