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Rincon-Shortcut OHV Route

Angeles National Forest, Los Angeles County, California

On April 18, 2001, I went on a trip through the Rincon Shortcut Off-Highway Vehicle Route. It begins near the San Gabriel Reservoir, on San Gabriel Canyon road, State Highway 39, and ends about 10 miles west on State Highway 2.  The road is about 26 miles long, one-lane, dirt.

Here's a map containing some of the highlights, plus the GPS readings we took along the way.

Here are the GPS readings in text format:

N34'14.258 W117'51.809
N34'13.618 W117'52.195
N34'13.803 W117'51.701
N34'13.782 W117'52.797
N34'13.183 W117'54.056
N34'13.572 W117'54.513
N34'13.322 W117'56.447
N34'13.279 W117'56.655
N34'13.176 W117'57.062
N34'13.081 W117'58.662
N34'12.910 W117'58.934
N34'12.979 W117'59.404
N34'12.948 W117'59.451
N34'13.687 W118'00.332
N34'14.106 W118'00.848
N34'14.450 W118'01.306
N34'14.837 W118'02.027
N34'15.141 W118'01.729
N34'15.346 W118'02.249
N34'16.306 W118'01.885
N34'16.407 W118'02.009

It took us about four hours to to the drive, but that includes a long lunch break, and stopping to look at the scenery quite a bit along the way.

Turn in the road at a scenic view.
N 3413.803, W 11751.701

Some of the scenery from the road:

Part of the road goes along the top of a ridge, following some power lines:

At one point (N 3414.837 W 11802.027) the road crosses a creek:

See more pictures of me and my parents on this route.

For more information about this route, contact:

San Gabriel River Ranger District
110 N. Wabash Ave
Glendora CA 91741
(626)335-1251 8:00-4:30 M-F

Los Angeles River Ranger District
Oak Grove Park
Flintridge CA 91011
(818)790-1151 8:00-4:30 M-F

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April 19, 2001

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