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Murder Mystery Dinner
March 24, 2001

On a Saturday night in March, Lois Thorpe, Tawney, and Bethany Jones hosted a "murder mystery" dinner at my house.  About 20 of us had dinner in out living room that evening. I took some video that night. Here are some scenes from that evening.

As with all my video stuff... if you're looking at this online, it won't be available. Video only works on the CD version of this web page. At least for the next five years or so. Maybe after that, I'll have enough room and bandwidth to post all my videos, too.

After dinner, Dane Horak and Wyn Erickson showed up, and played music with Jeff Rae. Then my roommate Gary Sikes also joined in with the bongo drums.

It was a fun evening. Especially since I didn't have to do much of the work or any of the cooking.

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