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Trip to Grand Rapids/Chicago

My sister Lisa and her family spent a month in Michigan during April 2001, so my parents went there for a week to visit them. My brother Joel and I flew there for the last weekend they were there.

Joel flew from Columbia, South Carolina to Grand Rapids on Thursday night. I flew from Los Angeles to Chicago on a red-eye flight, leaving Thursday night at 11:30pm, arriving in Chicago at 5:17am Friday morning. I had never been on a red-eye flight, and I thought that it would be a fairly empty flight, but it was completely full.

Friday morning, Joel and my parents drove from Grand Rapids to come pick me up in Chicago. We spent some time that morning looking around Chicago.

See Friday in Chicago

Some family pictures. We stayed at David's parents' house in Grand Rapids.

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Pictures of Naomi and Josiah.

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Joel flew back to South Carolina from Grand Rapids, but Mom, Dad, and I drove back to Chicago in their rented car, and flew back to L.A.  On our way back, we spent a little time looking around downtown Chicago.  We took a few pictures from the top of the Sears Tower. See Sunday in Chicago.

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