My 30th Birthday

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My 30th Birthday

April 16, 2001 was my 30th birthday. I share that birthday with Ray Chandler and Jeff VanEgdom. We had a little party that day in my back yard.

Jeff turned 22, I turned 30, and Ray Chandler turned 97.

I ordered lunch from Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine, and Mom baked the cakes.


Kris Altmiller, Esther Weathers, Jeff VanEgdom, Matthew Weathers, Don Chandler, Rob Olden

Kris used to be a roommate of mine. Jeff used to be a student of mine. Don is Ray's son, a grandfather himself. Rob I've know from church for a long time.

Rob Olden, Gary Sikes, Adam Wolven, Ruth Altmiller, Ray Chandler

Gary's one of my current roommates, Adam I've know from church and at Biola, Ruth is Kris' wife.

Matthew Weathers and Ray Chandler

April 16th also happened to be tax day this year, as it often is. So after everyone left, my parents helped me sort out some of my papers to find my tax stuff, then we worked on filling out my taxes. My 1999 taxes, actually, since I hadn't done those yet.

Trying to sort out my Schedule D (Capital Gains & Losses) from my Datek broker's statements.

Later that evening, Dad, Mom, and I drove down to USC to watch an IMAX movie (California Adventure), then walk around the USC campus. We happened upon the Philosophy department and saw Dallas Willard, who we talked to for 10 minutes or so.

We asked him to recommend a good place to eat, and we went to Sizzler on his recommendation, where we all had fish dinners. Very good.

So, it was a good birthday.

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