Winter Camp 1997

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Granada Heights High School group at Big Bear Tennis Ranch.


Kelli Kreitzer
Brent, Kelli Kreitzer

Julie and Susan
Julie Yancy, Susan Dukes

Ken and Rob
Ken Carlson, Rob Ramirez

Elena Jared Michelle Kevin
Elena Sheatz, Jared Frawley, Michelle Rotter, Kevin Hill

Luke Bletterman
Luke Bletterman

Becka and Tiffany

Tiffany and Will
Tiffany Bailey, Becka Redmond; Tiffany, Will Slattery

Chason Smith

Richard Kowalski

Monica and Laura
Chason Smith, Richard Kowalski, Monica Coonis, Laura Lawson

Chris Lisa Chris

Steve and Matthew
Chris Pinzon, Lisa Fisher, Chris Emrick, Steve Fattorini, Matthew Weathers

Eric and Luke
Eric Hoffman, Luke Bletterman

Chris and Ernie
Chris Pinzon, Ernie Angiano

Ken and Monica

Michelle and Kevin
Ken Carlson, Monica Coonis, Michelle Rotter, Kevin Hill

Amy Hammer, Eric Hoffman, Nikki Antisdel, Whitney Robinson, Steve Fattorini.

Ski Group
Group picture while skiing.

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