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Triumphal Entries - Raymond & Friends Make Victory Speeches

After Raymond won The Contest, he and his friends made several more entries in my comment log.  Here they are, along with my comments in italics.

Tue Apr 1 7:35:56 2003
From: Dante

here is a little song,

"we are the champions, my freinds, and we will keep on fighting to
the end.

thank you and have a nice day.

Mon Mar 31 10:35:58 2003
From: Dante

I know that we are going to win, you will have the most votes on the
"dumb poll" and be dumber. anyway, in our celebration we will have a
party next weekend, and well you might be invited, if you can go, if
you're mommy says you can. on the plus side, if you can, you will meet
the ones who have done all this hard work. anyway there are going to
be the following things at this party,
-drinks, non-alcoholic
-fun and games
-paintball contests
and much much more

Sounds like a raging party.

Tue Apr 1 7:49:46 2003
From: Raymond

i have a few commands for you now that im the king of the world (but
i'll say please because im cool)please keap up all the sites you made
about us so we can show our friends. i also figured sinse i am
supereor to you now, i should be a little nicer to you. you Realy
made our lives complete. and if your home when we have our party, we
would like to call you and put you on speacker phone for all of us to
here. we will keep e-mailing you, just not as much. (unless you tell
us to stop)

Love your pal Raymond

Your Majesty,

If you call, just give me 24 hours' notice, so I will know when you're calling, and I'll let you know if I'll be home or not.

And feel free to email me occasionally to keep me up-to-date on your latest conquests if you decide to play the game again with someone else.  I would just like to request that my friends and family not be among your future victims.


Tue Apr 1 7:58:17 2003
From: Dante

and with all these photoes, it seems you might have an affair with
the camera.

First of all, I don't even have a digital camera. Most of the pictures on my web site are from others' cameras.  As for why I took a picture (He's referring to the bottom picture on this page) of our dinner (not lunch), it's because it's In-N-Out. The best fast food on earth. If you ever visit Southern California, you must go. It was one of the first drive-thrus in the country.  Ask your friends who have been there, they'll agree with me.  And once you try it yourself, you'll understand why there's a picture of the food there.

Tue Apr 1 9:05:18 2003
From: Raymond

I have talked it over and we decided that you should win and not us.


Tue Apr 1 9:05:47 2003
From: Raymond

April Fools

This made me laugh.

Tue Apr 1 11:23:12 2003
From: Drew

Thankyou for accepting the truce.
...(Omitting a section about what
the truce was about, as part of my non-disclosure agreement)
Furthermore, Raymond, Dante and I were well entertained with your
New York Times articles about Raymond and friends becoming a Kingdom,
Drew and Dante recieving hight positions and what not, but Ramond was
wondering how you knew what school he went to, and what school he
hated. I assured him this was probably because I gave you the address
to my page, which clearly states that I go to and love PHS (Penisula
High School), and oppose and disslike GHHS (Gig Harbor High
School). That is how you knew, right? Anyhow, good luck, ur DUMB!
according to the pole (hehe), sincerly, ur pal, Drew

You are correct, I knew about PHS and GHHS from your web site.  And I knew from the beginning that you are all in Washington near Tacoma, so a simple web search showed me the names of those schools.

I'm glad you enjoyed the New York Times article.  The other ones (CNN & L.A. Times, see http://www.matthewweathers.com/fake/ ) fooled a couple people I showed them to, but it didn't turn out to be so funny for my friend Dave.  He used those to play a practical joke at work, and it sort of turned out badly. Several people thought it was quite un-funny. You can read about it on his blog, look for the April 2, 2003 entry.

And a new name I hadn't heard from before, but I like the name:

Tue Apr 1 21:10:50 2003
From: Superior Lad

I'm superior to everyone. Whine about it.

Tue Apr 1 21:16:33 2003
From: Superior Lad

And another thing, I'm going to start lobbying for a "Raymond is still dumb but his friends are all geniuses" page. Actually, only one of his friends is a genius. See if you can use your miniscule reasoning powers to guess.

Umm... Superior Lad, I guess.

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