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March 17, 2003

Okay, time for an update.  Raymond asked that I move this section of my web site to an address a little bit easier to find.  So I have.  The address is now: matthewweathers.com/rid

The big news is the addition of the poll.  The polls are open from now until March 21, 11:59pm Pacific Time.  At that time, I'll add up the votes and declare a winner. I reserve the right to weed out duplicate votes if I find any.  I'll try to update the totals as I have time... I didn't have time to implement a full polling system that shows you the live score as people vote.

Also, I have received pictures from Raymond and Dante.  I will post any other pictures that people send me.  Just email them as attachments to rid@matthewweathers.com

A Lesson from Drew

An exchange I've had with Drew has afforded me the opportunity to give a little lesson on the importance of keeping copies of everything you write.  Lawyers already know this: they make copies of everything.  But it's also important for normal people to do this, too.  Especially since it's so easy with email.  Don't ever delete any email that you receive or that you send (spam is an exception).

Here's a case in point.  As you can see on my March 10 page, Drew sent some messages signed with names of fictitious women.  I answered back by calling in to question the reasons he would do this.

The next day he said "...and im real sorry".  But then two days later, he makes a big deal about it saying "I wasnt saying sorry to you!".  But clearly, he was.  Now, I don't fault Drew for forgetting something he wrote.  That's natural.  Most likely, Drew didn't have a copy of what he had sent me on Tuesday.  But in light of this, he shouldn't have made such a big deal of it, and claimed that he never said he was sorry, when in fact he did.

See the unaltered messages to the right

So, the moral of the story: if you're going to claim that you did or that you didn't say something, it's nice to have proof.  So keep your emails.

Something else we learn: Drew is dumb.

  Drew Wrote:
> Tue Mar 11 10:11:57 2003
> Actually, im not gay, and im real
> sorry. I just took your request for a
> girlfriend a little too seriously. Ill
> have to apologize to those poor women

That night I wrote to Raymond,
here's part of what I said:
...Also, Drew apologized, so I'm thinking
of removing my "you're gay" accusation.

Drew Wrote:
> Thu Mar 13 9:23:54 2003
> Ray said that you said that i said
> sorry fer all the chicks i sent to
> you. I wasnt saying sorry to you! I
> was talkin about apologizing to all
> those poor women! Jeez, i wuz jokin
> befor, but now i think you really are
> dumb! If i was gay, i wouldv sent you
> MEN!

More Messages from last Week

Here's my weekly update of some of the messages I have received since last time I updated the page (in blue), along with my answers (in black).

Tue Mar 11 8:16:04 2003
From: Dante

thanks for this site. this is more fun than laser tag, and i thought
nothing was more fun than that, but, today i was proven wrong. me
and raymond were just laughing our butts off. you also wonder who
salvador is, he is a former convict. spent 14 years in jail for
grand theft auto. Salvador , is my father. also, salvador is one of
them Italian-Americans.

I'm glad you liked it.  But don't give up laser tag just yet.

Tue Mar 11 9:53:23 2003
From: Dante Hanahanahanamana

This is my real last name. its Italian. and yes, i do own a
web-site. but it's to complex for you to handle. anyway, only
government agents have access to it. i can give the site to you. but
you need a passcode to get in. and here is the hint... "sick
monkey's of washington, who are from a strange land, not so close"
try to answer it, monkey. and about the Las Vegas thing, Tacoma is
a nice place. it's got less crimes than California. also here is a
history lesson, California belonged to the mexicans. they then sold
it to the united states and other land. and washington was founded
by the united states. washington started out as a territory, then
became a state in 1889. we can also go to Canada easly, in just 1

this is Raymond.
i took the keyboard from dante just now so i can say your a big bed
wetting doodee head.
love your pal Raymond

Well, Dante.  I don't believe you about your last name.  Maybe "Hanamana".  That, I could believe.  I didn't figure out your monkey riddle.  Oh well, I guess I'll leave it to the government agents to see your web site.

Okay, Tacoma is nice.  I've been through there on my way between Olympia and Seattle.  But why does the fact that the U.S. settled Washington make it any better than California?  All that was over 100 years ago.  And we can go to Mexico easily.  And Mexico has better beaches than Canada.

Tue Mar 11 10:01:53 2003
From: Raymond

Isnt there a way you can get a pole counter as a more simple way for
people cast there vote. and i promis my allies will not vote more
than one time if you promis not to mess with the votes you recieve
in your mail box.(at least i wil do my best to inforce the new
rule.)you can e-mail me at the address i gave you if you agree. you
should also say mean things to me so i can make you look bad if i
put up a site.

poopy dumb head man moose

Love your pal Raymond

Good idea with making a poll and a counter.

As for your suggestion that I say mean things -- I have a different strategy to win this game.  I'm just going to let you and your friends say all the mean things, and thereby lose the game for yourselves.  If I stoop to the level of calling people bad names, I think that would put me down on your level.

So... you follow your strategy, I'll follow mine, and we'll see what the voters say. :-)

Wed Mar 12 9:23:04 2003
From: Kate

Matthew I think you are very nice. I admire the fact that you have
the ability to put up with Raymond and all of his friends. That
shows great personality. I do think it is funny. You are a big part
of that. Thank you for just playing along.

Thank-you.  (Raymond: see, my strategy is already working!)  Kate, it doesn't take much for me to put up with all these guys.  I'm not the one who has to endure them every day at school.

It seems like you're too good to them.  Why, then are they mean to you?  I think the following messages is meant to impersonate you, Kate (is Kate short for Katherine?  Or is there someone else named Katherine?).  So don't worry, I don't think it was you that wrote these messages: (Kate and Katherine are two different people.  Sorry, Kate & Katherine).  Here's what Katherine writes (or someone claiming to be Katherine anyway):

Thu Mar 13 8:59:24 2003
From: Katherine


I read what you said in response to Drew's letter and I find it very
offesive and I think that you are dumb. You are the biggest idiot I
have ever seen and comming from a girl that's pretty bad. You are
ugly, you look like a dweeb and I know you don't get laid. That's
sad becasue even a prostute would not allow you to pay her to have
sex with you. Cross Eyed Kathy may be interested. Hm Hm Hm

No comment necessary.

Thu Mar 13 7:56:28 2003
From: Raymond

I dont mind if you keep my e-mail address up. in fact i want you to
encurage people to mail me on tour site. and i will send you a
picture of me as soon as i can.

Okay: everyone email Raymond at: Frogman7@surfy.net

Thanks for the picture.

Thu Mar 13 9:27:16 2003
From: Drew

Now now matthew, i dont know why you think im gay but i think your
weird. Oh, and uh, your sexual preference is now in question to Drew
and many others. YOu wouldnt believe the scoldings i took from those
poor women!!! Ill be expecting a apology soon. (-: ur pal, Drew.\

There will be no apology any time soon.

Thu Mar 13 19:57:36 2003
From: Tencious Raymond

Hey, this is Ray again! Listen Matthew, Kate is right, just because
I have a D average dosen't mean I'm dumb! I has many other talents
and qwalities, for example, I hav a biger big boy voice then you!
and I'll bet your hair isn't flammable! Who do you think you are
putting ME down?! I once swallowed a whole glass of onion cream and
sour, threw it back up, and ate it again! then after that, I washed
it down by drinking out of a puddle outside! I'd like to see you do
that! You think you're so smart just because you're a college
graduate! well I'm Raymond! and I have an F! You wanna know what
that F means Matthew? It means F*** YOU!

Love always



I'm sory for sayibg bad things, pleese dont tell my mom, or she'll
give me the fist again.

I know Raymond didn't write this... but I can't really tell who did.

Thu Mar 13 23:40:41 2003
From: Anonymous

Listen Matthew, the truth is, I really do like you! Has anyone ever
told you that if you were like 50 years older you'd look just like Don

Thank-you.  No, I've never been told I look like him.  However, people do say I look like Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson), a British comedian.

More about Bean: http://www.benovsky.com/bean/


And finally, a couple of the classic messages:

Thu Mar 13 10:08:31 2003
From: KillerGold

this is stupid,this is stupid,this is stupid,this is stupid,this is
stupid,this is stupid,this is stupid,this is stupid,this is
stupid,this is stupid,this is stupid,this is stupid,this is
stupid,this is stupid,this is stupid,this is stupid,this is
... (Many lines of the same)

Mon Mar 17 10:16:36 2003

Matthew is dumb.

From: (your name or email address, or anonymous)

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