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Annual Financial Report - Assets & Liabilities

As of December 31, 2003, here is a list of my short-term assets & liabilities:

  Cash   $15.01
  Checking   $291.06
  Savings   $1641.52
  House Security Deposit   $2400.00
  Credit Card 1090   $2.11
  Credit Card 5579   $3057.01
  Credit Card 6172   $0.00
  Credit Card 7179   $0.00
TOTAL:     $1288.47

There are also some long-term assets & liabilities I am not including here.  I have some school loans for my first year at USC, part of which is a forgivable loan if I work at Biola after I finish.  I also have a retirement account at ICC, my old job. I don't know how much exactly is there, since I haven't gotten a statement since April 2000.  And supposedly, the Social Security Administration has a retirement account for me.  But realistically, I do not expect to see any of that money ever.

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