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Year 2002

April 16

My Birthday

I had almost as much fun as this German hippo had on its birthday. Here's the caption from Associated Press:

A hippopotamus celebrating its birthday at the Berlin Zoo eats a bunch of flowers, April 3, 2002. The hippo weighs 4,400 pounds. (AP Photo/ Jan Bauer)

Oh, and I weigh less.

Although I didn't have as much food as the hippo enjoyed, I did go out to eat several times before and after my birthday.  On the day of my birthday, I spent most of the day teaching at Biola (10:30am to 6:00pm -- my longest day of the week).  Several of us went to Sizzler for lunch.  Then I had a dinner party the evening of my birthday.  About twelve people came.  We had food from the Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine.  Good stuff.

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