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Year 2002

April 7

My New Pen Cam.

Yesterday, Andy & Kristen (my brother and sister-in-law), gave me an Aiptek PenCam VR.  It's a simple digital camera, voice recorder, and webcam all in one.

The picture quality isn't that great, but it's a hand, light, small little camera, and I currently don't have any digital camera at all.

It has 8MB of memory, which holds 107 320x240 pictures, or 26 640x480 pictures.  See more specs at:

I took some sample pictures.  Here are some of them.  These pictures have been fixed up somewhat in PhotoShop, too, so they don't come out quite this good from the camera.

Here's the very first picture I've ever taken with a digital camera of my own (I've taken lots with others' cameras).  I took this while trying to figure out how to use it, accidentally pushing the button:

A picture of Gail Wille's carpet, and our shoes

Some other sample shots:

And a picture of me:

So, as you can tell the colors are a little washed out, and it makes bright areas completely white.  But it's nice to have a small little camera for taking simple photos when I need to.

Thank-you Andy & Kristen!

Yesterday evening, Andy, Kristen, Kristen's cousin Kevin, and I all went downtown Hollywood, then rode the subway to Universal CityWalk, then went to see "Amadeus (Director's Cut)" at the famous Cinerama Dome (at Sunset & Vine).  Tickets were $14!  It was a nice theater and a good movie.  I took a few pictures with my new digital camera.  Most of them didn't turn out too well.  Andy took some better pictures with his camera. Maybe someday, I'll make a page with a few pictures of our trip.

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