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Review of Net Profit: How to Make Easy Money on the Internet with Your Own Website by Brian Pedigo
August 19, 2001

Profiting from the Net

by Matthew Weathers

The booklet Net Profit: How to Make Easy Money on the Internet With Your Own Website is Brian Pedigo's entry into the How-To booklet market. Drawing on the experience of his mother Cathy Pedigo, author of How to Have Big Money Garage Sales and Yard Sales and several other successful booklets, Pedigo has written a clear, concise description of how to use an Internet web site to make money.

Pedigo's contagious enthusiasm for the subject will inspire you to want to run out and make your own web site and start earning money. The booklet gives a good overview of the subject without being too broad then focuses on several specific ideas for getting started.

The booklet begins by encouraging readers to use their own knowledge of a subject as the starting place to come up with a money-making idea. Pedigo writes: "It doesn't matter what you're good atů you know more about a certain specific topic than do most other people."

Next, the booklet describes how to market and grow your idea. Using practical examples from his family's 9 years of experience in selling using a web site, Pedigo leads the reader through the process of choosing a target market and refining your idea.

Writing with an engaging style, Pedigo uses the last half of the booklet to describe the practical how-to of making a money making web site. Given the length of this booklet, readers should not expect to learn everything from this booklet, but Pedigo does a good job of giving a broad overview of the topic. This overview is peppered with specific suggestions and contains many resources showing you where to look for more information.

Pedigo tells you exactly where to go to buy a domain name, where to get your web site hosted, and how to get listed on search engines. The booklet includes specific prices, both for following the cheap route and for spending a little more money. Pedigo's suggestions for choosing a web hosting provider are invaluable: "It is important when selecting your web host that you do not grow out of what they can offer, but rather you grow into the services and functions they offer."

Also included are descriptions of the most popular web authoring software packages you'll need, and how to get free hosting if you need to keep your initial investment low.

In summary, Pedigo's first booklet is surprisingly well-written and helpful.  So if you're looking for a good, concise introduction on how to make money online, pick up this inspiring little booklet, and go make some money!

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