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2001 LA Marathon. Page 2

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Mark Weathers, Carl Kinnoin

At the YMCA. Mark Weathers, Caleb Morgan, Matthew Weathers

After the race, we went to eat at Philipe's French Dipped Sandwiches. Then I drove Caleb to the Airport to go back to Oklahoma. He was in town just for the weekend for a conference.

Dad's Results:

#9822: Mark Weathers, Age 53
3145th place, 2594th male to finish, 180th in division
Chip Time: 04:15:38, Clock Time: 04:17:48
Splits: 10K 59:46, Half: 2:04:00, 30K: 2:55:55

Karl's Results:

#1014: Carl Kinnoin, Age 41
2088th place, 1789th male to finish, 299th in division
Chip Time: 03:59:40, Clock Time: 04:01:50
Splits: 10K 59:46, Half: 2:03:59, 30K: 2:55:55

These results taken from the official LA Marathon web site: www.lamarathon.com 

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