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Year 2001

May 12

2000/2001 School Year

I spent this school year teaching at Biola -- as a full-time employee on a half-time contract. That means I taught only 9 units, get paid half the salary, and have no benefits. At the beginning of the school year, I worked some at IRSC also, but I eventually stopped working there altogether, so by second semester, I was only working at Biola.

First semester I taught Intro to Computer Science plus 4 lab classes for both sections, I taught 2 sections of Nature of Computing, and one third of a Marketing Technologies class. Second semester, I'm teaching Data Structures, three sections of Nature of Computing, and the Marketing Technologies class.

Working part-time has been great. Especially this semester. I never have to set an alarm in the morning, my first class is at 12:30pm. I don't feel as stressed to get things done.


In January 2001, I went to Mexico for 11 days, visiting with Joel and my parents in Cancun, then to Mexico City

February 17, 2001: Weekend Retreat to Big Bear with Biola's Mu Kappa club.

In April 2001, I went to Chicago and Grand Rapids for the weekend, to see David & Lisa, since they were back in the United States just for a month.


I got accepted to USC's graduate program, and plan to get a PhD. in Computer Science. I'll start there in August, 2001.

This summer, I'm still not sure what I'm doing. Biola pays me all summer even though I don't have to work, but I'd still like to find a job somewhere to keep me busy. I'll also spend some time getting ready to go back to school.

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