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Current Happenings 2000 | August 26


  August 26, 2000

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Summer Vacation 2000

This summer, I worked about 25 hours a week at IRSC, and enjoyed not having to work at Biola. I took most Fridays off, and got to sleep in most days. I think I only used an alarm a few times the whole summer.

Brent M came to live with us for two months of the summer. He's getting married next August. We also had a bunch of ants come live with us for the summer. When it's hot outside, they seem to like coming inside. They were good motivation to keep the kitchen real clean.  Brent moved back in with his parents earlier this month, to save money.

Brian Wall also moved out this month. He moved in here after he graduated early last December. Some of his friends finally graduated, and were getting an apartment, so he went to live with them. So Gary Sikes and I are the only ones living here now.  Oh... and the ants. But they'll be moving out soon.

We had several swim parties this summer. It was especially hot during the middle of August. There were a couple of weeks where I went swimming about 15 times a week.

I want to be a Graduate Student at USC

I decided to go to graduate school a while ago, but it's taken me a while to get motivated to do the application. The main thing that kept me dragging my feet was the dreaded GRE test. I finally took it earlier this month.

Here are my scores:

That's a little hard to read. It says: Verbal: 640, 91% scored below me, Quantitative: 740, 86%, and Analytical 650, 75%.

Summer's Over

But now summer's over, and school has started. I didn't get as much done this summer as I should have. Most notably, I still have to do my 1999 Income Tax. I also need to balance my Quicken checkbook. Even though I didn't get a whole lot done this summer, I had a good time relaxing, reading books, hanging out with friends, and sleeping in.

I didn't add very much to my web page through the summer because I had a hard drive crash in the middle of May, and I lost some things. So I didn't feel like using my computer very much this summer.

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