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Scales of Justice

In the beginning, being on jury duty was fun.
Not dealing with the nine to five & still getting paid
brought sunshine to many of the days..
I'm sure that most of us will agree
that once inside the deliberation room
heads and some tempers started to swoon.

Shall we condemn you for being under the
influence of the other's temper tantrum
to the extent that it made you act not like an
ordinary person would do???
I really think not cause your final decision
was made only by you.

At the end will you feel lazy or feel it was late?
Will your decision be based on either of the two..
or will it be the same as it was from the gate?

We came together and did it right.
So regardless of the final verdict
just go home and chillout tonight.

In any event, lets move on and enjoy the summer sun
Because We'll probably meet again maybe next year
and feel again from the beginning that jury duty is fun.

This poem was written by one of my fellow jurors while I was on jury duty. See the full story.

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