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To My Jurors...

by Kelvin D. Filer, Commissioner, Division 3, Municipal Court, Compton Judicial District

To My Jurors On the Case
Of the People vs. Tall
Please accept the Court's gratification
For your answering the call

I received your very nice carrd
And I read your parting rhyme
So I thought I'd say "Thank You"
With a little rhyme of mine

You were a very good jury
Present at my anointed times -- "sharp!"
You were patient and attentive
Towards me... you never harped

You deliberated the facts
And followed my instructions on the law
Your ultimate decision was unanimous
No just some... but ALL

We have a great court system
Our jurispurdence is truly the best
We strive for justice towards everyone
Nothing more and nothing less

Yet, if we did not have our jurors
Who volunteer their valuable time
The system woule probably fall apart
No reason... no rhyme

So "Thank You" very much again
For serving in my domain
Jurors One through Twelve -- plus our Alternates
You all know your names

Note: This poem is part of the story of my time as a juror in the Compton Municipal Courts, summer of 1999.  The judge wrote this poem in response to a poem written by Juror #6. Click to see the full story.

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