Talent Show 1

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Spice Girls 1

Spice Girls 2

Spice Girls 3

Spice Girls 6

Spice Girls 7
The Spice Girls
Liz Langenwalter, Whitney Robinson, Kristy Carvin,

Spice Girls 4

Spice Girls 5

Spice Guys 5
Uh-Oh, what's going on in the background?

Spice Guys 1

Spice Guys 2

Spice Guys 3

Spice Guys 4

Spice Guys 6
The Spice Guys


Chris Sterry and Jane-Alice Murray have a little trouble shaving and putting on make-up.

Delayed 1

Delayed 2

Delayed 3

Delayed 4
"Delayed Reaction"

Talent #25

Talent #26

No Talent
No Talent
Jared Frawley and Dan Hertzler.

Talent 1
Girls dancing to "Titanic" music.

Talent 2
Guys dancing to "Titanic" music.

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