Winter Camp 98 - People

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Alicia McKenzie
Alicia McKenzie

Bethany and Kristy
Bethany Bletterman and Kristy Marhad

Chris Sterry
Chris Sterry

Cristy and Jane-Alice
Cristy Smith and Jane-Alice Murray

Danielle Stewart 1

Danielle Stewart 3
Danielle Stewart.

Faith Bletterman

Faith and Jodie
Faith Bletterman and Jodie Plubell

Frank Luna 1

Frank Luna 2
Frank Luna

Hans Bletterman

John Blake

Kevin Hill

Luke Bletterman
Hans Bletterman,John Blake,Kevin Hill,Luke Bletterman

Mike DeVito, our speaker for the weekend.

Hans' sister.

Steve Fattorini
Steve Fattorini, explaining a Valentine's heart candy.

Christy and Whitney
Kristy Carvin and Whitney Robinson

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