Winter Camp 98 Kevin 4

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Dan and Adam
Dan Hertzler and Adam Fattorini making the bed

Jane-Alice Cristy Dane

Dan Hertzler 1

Dan Hertzler 2

Todd Miller
The Praise Band
Jane-Alice Murray, Cristy Smith, Dane Horak
Todd Miller, keyboard, Dan Hertzler, drums.

Talent 17

Talent 18
Talent Show: Danielle Stewart and Kristy Carvin
Cristy Smith and Sarah Christie

Monica and Bethany
Monica Coonis and Bethany Bletterman


Steve and Luke
Practicing for Talent show

Hans Bletterman
Hans Bletterman

Sarah Christie
Sarah Christie

Thanks to Jared Frawley, Kristy Carvin, and Kevin Hill. Jared and Kristy took the pictures, and Kevin scanned them.

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