Winter Camp 98 Kevin 2

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Shawn Hill
Shawn Hill

Whitney Niki Kristy
Whitney Robinson, Niki Antisdel, and Kristy Carvin

Niki and Whitney
Niki and Whitney

Steve and Whitney
Steve Fattorini and Whitney Robinson

Whitney and Josh
Whitney Robinson and Josh Elwood

Sarah and Jared

Jared and Sarah
Sarah Christie and Jared Frawley

Niki and Jared
Niki Antisdel and Jared Frawley

Chris and Jared
Chris Emrick and Jared Frawley

Kevin and Michelle
Kevin Hill and Michelle Rotter

Josh and Dan
Josh Morrison and Dan Hertzler

Dane and Cristy
Dane Horak and Cristy Smith

Todd and Kristy
Todd Miller and Kristy Marhad

Whitney Robinson
Whitney Robinson

Chris and Niki
Chris Emrick and Niki Antisdel

Thanks to Jared Frawley, Kristy Carvin, and Kevin Hill. Jared and Kristy took the pictures, and Kevin scanned them.

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