Farewell to Justin

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Monday night group. Farewell to Justin Peters. He went to the Air Force for four months.

Kevin Christy, Richard Kowalski, Robbie Olden, Justin Peters, Maegan Stevens
Jimmy Haendiges, Matthew Weathers, Chris Pinzon, Brent, Ariana Shackelford
Erin Cox, Lisa Fisher, Cristy Smith, Dorothy Alston

The Guy Dogpile, on my bed.

Richard, Jimmy, Brent, Chris, Robbie, Justin, Kevin

Dorothy, Robbie, Justin

Justin, Jimmy

Car Wash 1

Car Wash 2
Car Wash for Justin.

Chris, Dane Horak, Robbie, Matthew, Justin, Maegan, Barbara Seelye
Cristy Smith, Erin Cox, Ariana

Justin and MaeganThe B.A.F. pictures (Before Air Force)

Chris and Lisa
Chris Pinzon and Lisa Fisher

Justin Jim Richard Brent
Justin, Jim, Richard, Brent Thanks to Lisa Fisher. These pictures are from her camera

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