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Dicing onions
Danielle Stewart, Jodie Plubell, Stephanie Chan, Lisa Fisher and Tawney dicing onions for dinner.

Pat Jung
Pat Jung helping out.

Lisa Stephanie Tawney
Lisa Fisher, Stephanie Chan, and Tawney.

Downtown from URM
A view of downtown L.A. from the U.R.M.

Preparing to serve dinner.

Justin Peters
Mr. Clean (Justin Peters) can almost see his reflection.

Justin and Steve
Justin Peters and Steve Fattorini help serve dinner.

More onions
More onion dicing by Cristy Smith, Maegan Stevens and Justin Peters.

Justin Peters, Steve Fattorini, Danielle Stewart, Maegan Stevens, Jodie Plubell, and Tawney.

The G.H.F.C. group pulling the fat off of chicken!

Lisa and Tiffany
Lisa Bostrom and Tiffany Bailey make new friends.

Thanks to Lisa Fisher. These pictures are from her camera.

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