Dave and Amy's Wedding

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Dave and Amy
David and Amy Vivona, January 4, 1997

Dave and his Mom
Dave escorting his mother.

Dave and Marsha
Dave and Marsha Schrieber, Amy's mother

Carl & Amy 1

Carl & Amy 2

Carl & Amy 3
Carl giving away the bride.

Stairs 1

Stairs 2

Wedding 1

Wedding 3

Wedding 4

Dave's Dad
Dave's father helped perform the ceremony

Judy & Jeremy Dodgen, Matthew Weathers, Gaelan Stone & Loretta

Gaelan Stone, Matthew Weathers, Dominic Vivona

Dave and parents
Dave and his parents.

Nathan Vivona
Dave with little brother Nathan.

Vivona family
The whole Vivona family.

Dave Gaelan, Me
Dave, Gaelan, Matthew

Stones & Vivonas
Gaelan Stone & Loretta with the newlyweds.

Gaelan Stone & Loretta

Gaelan Stone
Gaelan Stone

The bridesmaids: sister Jill Schrieber, sister Carrie, friend Melissa

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