Candy Party September 1998

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I had braces for four and a half years! And the whole time, I never had any candy, chips, coke, or popcorn. So when I finally got my braces off, on September 14, 1998, I had a big "Candy Party", and ate all those things for the first time in four and a half years.

Isaac and Matthew
Isaac Rodriguez and me. Eating candy for the first time

Matthew and Robbie
Robbie Olden watches me drink my first coke.

Jared and Matthew
Jared Frawley feeding me me popcorn.

Isaac and Matthew
Isaac Rodriguez and Matthew, eating corn nuts.

Andy and Eric
Andy Weathers and Eric Oldenburg partaking of the popcorn.


Eric Oldenburg and Isaac Rodriguez


Lois Thorpe and Jim Haendiges talking on the phone.

Justin and Jim
Justin Peters and Jim Haendiges. This pictures is in the "Justin always likes to take pictures of himself with other people's camera" category.

Catherine and Lois
Catherine Edler and Lois Thorpe

Catherine Kristen Lois
Lois Thorpe, Kristen Weathers, Catherine Edler

Justin and Maegan
Justin Peters and Maegan Stevens

Jim and Richard
Jimmy Haendiges and Richard Kowalski

Adam and Jared
Adam Wolven and Jared Frawley eating candy.

Catherine and Eric
Catherine Edler and Eric Oldenburg

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