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Dale, John, Mark
Dale Lee, John Saxton, Mark Fordice

Mike McKinley
Mike McKinley. My roommate for three semesters.

Ted Haenggi
Ted Haenggi. My roommate my senior year.

Jeremy and Erik
Jeremy Dodgen, Erik Brommers.

Billy's Party
Andy Blackwell, Me, Daphne Leon, Erik Brommers
Dale Lee, Mark Fordice, Susy Brommers, Billy Brown

Biola Faculty
Dr. Walt Stangl, Laurel Rynd, Matthew, Dr. Ed Thurber, Rob Seitz

Thurber, Phil, Susy
Dr. Ed Thurber, Phil Sallee, Susy Brommers

Dan & Julia Tucker.

Friends from Tucson who also went to Biola and finally got married after 7 years of dating.

Christy & Annabeth
Christy Aden, Annabeth Cargill

Erik & Susy Brommers

Hulls & Stacey
Holly Hull, Stacey Dillman, Bob Hull

Horton friends
Jeremy Dodgen, Erik Brommers, Spike Ho, Me, Steve Hendricks.

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