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Montebello Bus Lines
(Los Angeles County, California)

Join the thousands of people who are making public transportation their personal choice.
Riding the bus is an easy and convenient way to travel, allowing you to be a part of the air quality solution. Not only will you save time and money, you'll help to improve the quality of life in Montebello and Los Angeles County by reducing traffic and pollution.

We have nine routes which stop at over 780 bus stops in Montebello and surrounding communities. And our Montebello Express route is fast, limited stop rush-hour service that gets commuters to and from downtown Los Angeles.


  • Line 10 - Whittier Blvd (Whittwood Mall to East L.A. College)

  • Line 20 - Garfield Ave (San Marino to South Gate)

  • Line 30 - Montebello Blvd/Greenwood Ave. (Montebello to Rosemead)

  • Line 40 - Downtown LA from Whittier, Montebello

  • Line 50 - La Mirada to Downtown LA via Washington Blvd

  • Line 60 - Passons Blvd, Pico Rivera

  • Line 70 - Metrolink Station from Montebello Town Center

  • Lines 341, 342, 343 - Express Service to Downtown LA

System Map: A map showing all of the lines

Call (323) 877-4600 for more information on Montebello Bus Lines


  • Full Fare $0.90
  • Express Fare $1.10
  • Youth $0.60
  • Senior/Disabled $0.40
  • Children Under 4 FREE
  • Local Transfer $0.05
  • Express Transfer $0.25
  • Interagency Transfer $0.25
  • Interagency Transfer - Senior/Disabled $0.10

Metrocard - allows you to prepay your fare and keep the balance on a card

MTA Pass, EZPass - Your MTA pass or Regional EZPass may be used to pay your fare on all Montebello Bus Line buses.

Bike Racks - All buses have bike racks which you can use for free.

Dial-A-Ride - Call (323) 887-4600 for more information and reservations

Not an Official Site
This web site is not officially connected to the City of Montebello or the Bus Lines.

I made this site because one didn't exist yet, and it should. Info is from the printed publications.


Not in Spanish
I didn't put the Spanish versions of these schedules online. The printed schedules have them.



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