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by Matthew Weathers

Making Money ONLINE

How can I make some money on the internet?

Have you ever wondered this? This is my overview of the different strategies, plus some links to more info. My first piece of advice is to get educated. Read what the experts say. Read a good overview of the business  by Corey Rudl: "Online Marketing Tips, Strategies & Secrets".

Here's my broad overview of some strategies:

Use Banner Ads. Write some useful and interesting web sites, then post some banner ads with those sites. Have you ever searched for some information on a search engine and not found it? Why not write your own web site about that topic. With a well chosen title, description and keywords, you can get it listed high in the search engines. Some of those visiting your site will click on the banner ads and make you some money. See the Internet Marketing Center's "Associates Program" for an example of how this works -- just put some banners on your site, and let them do all the work.

Sell a Product. You can use the internet as a marketing tool to sell whatever product you're already selling. This may work -- depending on what type of product you're selling. Multi-level marketers like to sell hundreds of different kinds of "reports" on a variety of topics. This works well for some people, but I think you'll have more luck selling a traditional product

Affiliate programs. Some large retail web sites have affiliate programs in which you serve as an extension of their store. In exchange, you receive a small fraction of the sales. does this. Go to their main page:, then click on "Join Associates" near the bottom. It's a good example of a typical program. Another example: my friend Brian makes money selling magazines online: take a look at

Start an Internet Company. This might take a lot of money to start, but has the largest potential income. It only takes about $150 to buy a domain name and web service to get started, but to be a success, you might need to hire 5 to 10 people at $50k apiece for at least a couple of months.

Write Web Pages for People. Learn how to write web pages, then hire yourself out as a consultant. People will pay $30-$80/hour if you're good. This is probably the most sure way of making money, since there are many businesses out there that need web developers. However, it has the disadvantage of only making as much money as the hours you're willing to work. The other schemes make you money in your sleep, after you get things set up right (Hopefully). Start by reading the WebMonkey section of Then buy some good books and go for it.

The internet changes so quickly, and is still new enough that no one is really sure how to make money online. That's good news: the playing field is wide open. So come up with a good idea and go for it!

--Matthew Weathers

More Links - Put a Search Engine banner on your page and earn $0.015 per click! - Go there, then click on "Be an Affiliate" to see another example.

"The Birth of an Internet Business" - The success story of - A whole site about web ads.
    Also, a great article about selling web space.

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